FW '19

Marzook’s Fall Winter 2019 collection is inspired by artists Damien Hirst’s, Medicine Cabinet series and Richard Prince’s appropriation artwork. Both artists are known for their controversial popular culture appeal.

In Damien Hirst’s ‘The Medicine Cabinet series’, glass dressers are filled with thousands of colorful pills. The idea behind it is simple yet lucrative; for twenty years Hirst has displayed these types of various seductive pharmaceuticals as a joyful celebration of temptations. Richard Prince uses this similar theme to invite the viewer to experience line between reality and art. Prince’s main motivation lies behind the notion that consumer culture belongs to everyone.
The FW19 collection romanticizes the convoluted role pharmaceuticals play in fashion through art. This pill-centric collection conveys a playful design with light colors from a Barbie pink to copper hue. The collection is playful and imaginative while creating a visual world of pseudo pharmaceuticals through these themes and colors. It is meant to evoke hope and joy.