SS '19

Marzook's Spring Summer 2019 Collection is inspired by technology and its impact on human beings, Marzook's collection explores the idea of the power of escapism though adventure and technological advances. Set in the 70’s, this collection predicts the after effects of technology in the future.  By embracing change and exploring the theme of technological advances; we are a product of our larger experiences and worldviews.

We return to a power of escapism, adventure, and defining identities.

It is about us today, creating a positive starting point that is here and now. By positioning the future, we can then point to consequences and point a light further down the path.

In order to have a place in this future, we have to get on with engaging with it. We cannot ignore it at our own peril. We live in a world where knowledge is power. Rather than just predicting the future it can encourage us to build it.